Common Sense Leadership for ALL of Deschutes County

Thank you for visiting my website. I’m honored to serve my neighbors as Deschutes County Commissioner since 2011. People tell me that I have a steady leadership style, and in these turbulent political times, we need leaders who are more steady than bombastic – who listen more than talk.

As Commissioner, I have been a leader for fiscal accountability. I believe government must live within its means. I have supported balanced budgets and consistently advocated for cutting property tax rates. In 2017, with my urging, the county actually cut taxes, putting money back in the pockets of residents and small businesses, where it belongs. Whoever heard of a local government cutting tax rates? Well, I believe when you listen to people who are struggling with Deschutes County’s high cost of living, you can’t do anything different.

I provide a common-sense, experienced and respectful approach to working on issues for you. I’ll continue championing traditional values ensuring your freedom, opportunity and prosperity.

What are the issues you care about? I’d love to hear from you. My direct phone number is (541)728-3012. My email is

–Tony DeBone