Thank you for visiting my website. I’m proud to have served my neighbors as Deschutes County Commissioner since 2011. People tell me that I have a steady leadership style, and in these turbulent political times, we need leaders who are more steady than bombastic – who listen more than talk.

As Commissioner, I have been a leader for fiscal accountability. Because I believe government must live within its means, I have supported balanced budgets and consistently advocated for cutting property tax rates. In 2017, with my urging, the county actually cut taxes, putting money back in the pockets of residents and small businesses, where it belongs. Whoever heard of a local government cutting tax rates? Well, I believe when you listen to people who are struggling with Deschutes County’s high cost of living, you can’t do anything different.

My priorities are those that I’ve heard most regularly from my fellow Deschutes County residents:

Economy and Family Wage Jobs: Deschutes County’s unemployment rate of around 4% is historically good, but we still need better paying jobs for our residents. By supporting local, emerging industries that provide good-paying jobs, I am working every day to ensure that our kids can get jobs here if they choose.

Shaping an Affordable Community: Living in Deschutes County is not cheap, and it’s a big problem for people in almost every income bracket. I support local control of land use decisions so that private developers can provide more and better housing at a better price. Most importantly, I support reducing the tax burden on local residents – including residents on a fixed income – so that government doesn’t directly add to their burden.

Less Smoky Summers: Our summers have become dangerously smoky, as federally owned forests near and far burn with increasing frequency and intensity. I use my platform on the county commission to push our federal representatives to end the malpractice being committed by the U.S. Forest Service. I’ve also lent strong support to Project Wildfire, a nonprofit that works to reduce the risk of wildfire in Central Oregon.

What are the issues you care about? I’d love to hear from you. My direct phone number is (541)728-3012. My email is Together, we can continue to make Deschutes County a great place to live.

–Tony DeBone