Organizational Endorsements: 

Oregon Right to Life PAC

Deschutes Farm Bureau

#TimberUnity PAC

Redmond Patriots

The Bend Bulletin

The Bend Source


Elected Leaders & Public Officials:

Congressman Cliff Bentz, Congressional District #2

Senator Tim Knopp, Oregon Republican Senate Leader

Representative Vikki-Breese Iverson, Oregon Republican House Leader

Redmond Mayor George Endicott

Former Oregon Secretary of State Bev Clarno

Former Representative Mike McLane, Oregon Republican House Leader

Former La Pine Mayor, Ken Mulenex

Rick Allen, Former La Pine and Sisters City Manager

Don Greiner, Former La Pine City Councilor

Bob Perry, Former Redmond School Board Member

Lake County Commissioner Mark Albertson

Jefferson County Commissioner Kelly Simmelink

Jefferson County Commissioner Mae Huston


Business Leader Supporters:

Central Oregon Small Business PAC

Central Oregon Association of Realtors PAC

FitZone, LLC – Jessica McIntyre

Justy’s Jelly – Justy Haney

Jake Russell Excavation, LLC – Jake and Desiree Russell 

Little River Landscape and Design – Shaun and Kim Dewey 

Rock Solid Property Management PMG – Mary Hill 

Mid Oregon Personnel – Sam Lambert

Obsidian Inspections, LLC – Jacob McIntyre

Mrs. Smallz Artisan Designs 

What people are saying….

This letter is to encourage the voters in Deschutes County to vote for Tony DeBone for another term as a Deschutes County commissioner. Commissioner DeBone has served us since 2011. Over his terms of office, I have known him to be highly principled, pragmatic in taking purposeful actions, and addressing issues that serve the greater benefit of residents of the county collectively. He is a good listener, an attribute essential to effective leadership. Commissioner DeBone has a strong vision for our county going forward. In this time of instability, we need a strong vision guided by a steady hand. I encourage fellow voters to reelect Commissioner Tony DeBone.

Dwane Krumme, Sunriver

Mr. DeBone is an experienced voice who is accustomed and prepared to the do the real work that helps Deschutes County function and grow sustainably. Deschutes County needs leadership, competence and community more than ever, and Mr. DeBone’s measured and informed attitude provides this in a way his primary opponent cannot.

Maitreya Sriram – Bend

Randy & Candy Yow endorse Tony DeBone for Deschutes County Commissioner.  We believe Tony is the most qualified for this position, as well as the most rounded on all issues.  Every time we go to meetings together Tony impresses us with his knowledge of all issues facing Deschutes County, and the history of Deschutes County as well as neighboring Counties. With so many issues facing us all right now, this knowledge and passion to do what is right are so very important. 

Randy & Candy Yow 

As in years past, I support your continued service to Deschutes County as one of our County Commissioners.  You always focus on what is best for our communities in the county, both the rural and the urban areas.

George Endicott – Redmond Mayor

You will never find a more honest and approachable human being than Tony DeBone. He represents why so many people want to make Deschutes County home.

JIm Beeger – Redmond

As a committed and involved individual in our community, I endorse Tony DeBone for Deschutes County Commissioner. I’ve worked with Tony on many community projects and events and have on occasion contacted him regarding difficult issues. He has always listened and taken action when needed. He has offered his support in many ways over the past few years during a difficult time. Commissioner DeBone is down-to-earth, loves our community and knows how to solve problems.

Jamie Donahue – La Pine

Thank you, Tony, for your selfless service to Deschutes County and its residents. You stand out amongst your peers as someone who cares deeply for your County and State. You bring a common sense reasoned approach to your work and best of all, you really listen to your constituents. We, in Fall River, have seen your fine points and support your candidacy whole heartedly!

Aileen Winge – Fall River

Tony listens and will discuss the subject with you. In our opinion he is honest and has integrity. 

Rick and Linda Bauman – La Pine

We appreciated Tony’s support during a time when our neighborhood was faced with very trying times. We are both registered Non-Affiliated but we support Tony all the way.

Alice and Bill Swanson – Fall River Estates

We need a County Commisioner that cares about his community, neighbors and the actual needs of the people in Deschutes County, Tony DeBone is that man.

Don and Michelle Hazeltine

Tony is a great asset to the people and businesses of Deschutes County.  We’ve known him for many years even before running for public office.  Tony has never wavered in his commitment to make our community the best it can be in all areas.

We’ve seen Tony in action first hand, when an issue was brought to his attention.  His involvement and leadership resulted in a significant change for the better.  Tony knows how to follow-up and get things done.

Most importantly, Tony is a man of integrity.  He makes his decisions based on the better good for us all, rather than what is good for a political campaign.  We have 100% trust in Tony as our County Commissioner, member of the community, a small business owner and as a friend.

Perry Walters Construction, Inc.

Tony DeBone is once again faced with a re-election campaign. I’m curious as to whether anyone seeing this guy has ever stopped him and shook his hand and said hello to him? If you did you, just like thousands of us, found him to be just like us. No pretentious attitude beaming over with “self-worth, no “I haven’t the time” appearance putting his agenda over anyone wanting or willing to talk to him. South Deschutes County has little to hold up as our shining “look at us” status. We do have a High School Athletics department that runs with the big boys. Aside from this, we count on ourselves in projecting our own principles and attitudes in letting our actions speak for us. We do, however, have a shining light that acts with our best interests, comingled with those of the rest of Deschutes County in setting the bar for success in any of those willing to engage. Tony DeBone is about as “down to earth” as anyone who ever came along. Stick a Coonskin cap on him and a horse underneath him and you would expect him to be looking for the Alamo at some point in time. If you want someone who really truly cares about the issues of this entire Deschutes County, then you would be very remiss in voting for anyone other than Tony DeBone.

Mike McCormick

Tony’s leadership has brought stability during the challenges that have faced our fast growing county. He has the experience to safely guide Deschutes County through the uncertain times that loom ahead for all of us. A vote for Tony is a SAFE vote!

Dan Varcoe

Tony DeBone has been an outstanding County Commissioner. His door is always open for citizens who have questions or concerns. I could not ask for a better candidate. Join me in voting for Tony DeBone.

James Fleming

I am a registered Democratic but I will vote for Tony DeBone because of his common sense and level headed decisions. This is what we need for county commissioners! His record speaks for itself, vote across the aisle for Tony DeBone!

Rob Rebel



Dean Richardson – Sunriver

Vicki Russell – Bend

Dwane Krumme – Sunriver

Jim Beeger – Redmond

Dan Varcoe – La Pine

James Fleming – La Pine

John Salzer – Sunriver

Sam Lambert – Redmond

Stephen Lichtenberger – La Pine

Laura Craska Cooper

Scott Cooper 

Bob Perry – Redmond

Lisa Baker  – Bend

Chad Carpenter – Sunriver

Laura Conard – La Pine

Brenda Lichtenberger – La Pine

Carol and Eldy Swendsen – Redmond

Scott Asla – Sunriver

Ron Osmundson – Redmond

Jessica and Jake McIntyre – La Pine

Bernie Brader – La Pine

Sandy Schumaker – Sunriver

Larry and Helen Marston- La Pine 

Tena & Robert Grabar – Redmond

Gary and Cathie Tash – Bend

Roger Powell – La Pine

Keith Brandt – Redmond

Phil Grooms – Redmond

Dave Klym – Crooked River Ranch

Shannon Shahan – La Pine 

Charles Hill – Redmond

Bud Hill – Redmond

Bill Gregarious – Bend

Dayle and Jerry Boucher – La Pine

Floyd Roth – La Pine

Josh Werner – Redmond

Keilee Hoag- La Pine 

Lisa Baker – Bend

Therese LaCross – La Pine

David Coutin M.D.

Bea and Don Hatler – La Pine

Kerri Emert – La Pine 

Mike McCarter – La Pine

Carl and Barb Bass – La Pine

David Bishop – Redmond

Bob and Kathy Seidenberg – La Pine

Joe and Cathy Foran – La Pine

Ethel and Jim Dumon – La Pine

Larissa Beck – La Pine

Don and Michelle Hazeltine – La Pine

Mike McCormick – La Pine

Steven and Linda Burrows – La Pine

Robin Mirrasoul – La Pine

Jeremy Johnson – La Pine

Greg Roush – La Pine

Rob Rebel – Bend

Peggy and John Spieger – La Pine

Kathryn and Rhett Rodgers – Redmond