Endorsements & Supporters

2018 Endorsements & Supporters

Republican & Independent Nominee

Elected Leaders:

State Representative (HD 55) Mike McLane

State Representative (HD 53) Gene Whisnant

State Senator (District 27) Tim Knopp

Deschutes County Commissioner Tammy Baney

Jefferson County Commissioner Mike Ahern

Bend City Councilor Justin Livingston

La Pine City Councilor Connie Briese

La Pine City Councilor Donald Greiner

Former La Pine Mayor Ken Mulenex

Redmond Mayor George Endicott

Redmond City Councilor Joe Centanni

Sisters City Councilor David Asson

Former Redmond School District Director Bob Perry

Organizations & Business Leaders:Bend Business PAC

Central Oregon Small Business PAC

Oregon Right to Life PAC

Central Oregon Seed Exchange

Tax Payer Association of Oregon

Oregon Family Council

Vic and Vicki Russell

Organization Campaign Contributors:

Bend Business PAC

Central Oregon Association of Realtors PAC

Central Oregon Small Business PAC

Prosperity PAC

Sunriver Brewery



Leads with Humility, Integrity and Heart (10/27/18)

“Commissioner Tony DeBone understands the uniqueness of our smaller rural communities, as well as the challenges of rapid growth in the larger cities and helps bring their voices forward. He is a tireless advocate for countywide economic diversity and growth and has supported a balanced budget while reducing taxes. 

As a commissioner he has also supported important non profits such as Bethlehem Inn, FAN, KIDs Center, Latino Community Association, Community Kitchen, and MountainStar Family Relief Nursery to name a few; he understands the role they play in strengthening our communities and keeping Deschutes County a healthy place to raise a family. Commissioner DeBone understands the role of local government, public safety, infrastructure and caring for those in need.

I am proud to support Commissioner DeBone; he is a strong public servant who leads with humility, integrity and heart.”

A Great Role Model (10/26/18)

“For anyone that doesn’t know Tony DeBone, he is a genuine public servant who cares for everyone regardless of political party. He will walk up to a person to say hi and listen to them just because they are people. I have never met a politician like him. Thank you for being a great role model Tony DeBone!”

Pam Beacock- Clevenger 

Support DeBone (10/23/18)

“Tony DeBone has been an outstanding County Commissioner for the last two terms. His door is all ways open for citizens who have questions. I could not ask for a better candidate.”

James Fleming

Support DeBone (Bend Bulletin 10/21/18)

“I have known Tony DeBone for 14 years. His son grew up with my sons. We shared many father-son family experiences together; sporting events, camping, hunting, BBQs, church and more. Tony has a great ability to support his son, care for his spouse and greet a friend and neighbor while completely enjoying the experience and event at hand. I wouldn’t just call it multitasking; I would call it being completely present. A unique characteristic of a person of whom so much is being asked.

Tony and I have also sat around the fire with a homemade beer and pondered the meaning of life. I know Tony does not always agree with me but he is willing to hear my point of view. I know he listens to many different points of view because he often shares how he considers those perspectives in his decision-making.

Tony helped me with my own run for office. A few years back he helped me successfully become the people’s voice on the La Pine Park and Recreation board. His best advice was to pound the pavement. Go door to door and explain to people directly what you plan to do for them. Advice I know he himself practices as county commissioner.

In today’s political climate, some candidates like to wallow in the mud and throw out insults and accusations. I know Tony; he won’t be that candidate. He’s a family man, a thoughtful person, and the people’s candidate to remain county commissioner.”

Tobias Wilson – La Pine


“As you all know from my political posts that I am very much a Democrat. When there is an exceptional person like Tony DeBone who’s level headed and never ceases to amaze me with his knowledge and dedication, he has my vote without hesitation. I have know the DeBones for 12 years and have always admired their dedication to this community and his views on important issues here in Deschutes. Tony, you have my vote!”

Cindy Eastman


“I’m not someone who picks party over person I believe will be good for the job and represent the community’s interests, so I’m certainly voting Tony DeBone. I’ve met he and his lovely wife, I like the work he’s done and I truly believe he’s the best candidate. I know his opponent and I solidly stand by him and will be casting my vote for him.”

Kathy Creel Leppert


“The committee is happy to endorse what we believe are the best candidates to lead Bend and its economic growth into the future,” said Troy Reinhart PAC Chair. “There are many tough issues facing our community and we trust these candidates, if elected, will have the best interest of our workers, businesses and community at heart.”

Bend Business PAC


As seen in the Bend Bulletin on 5/3/18

Deschutes County Commissioner Tony DeBone is the only person who has my vote. He is simplistic, unencumbered of pretense and has never been driven to make himself something he is not. He is and has always been what we need to represent us, and as long as he is willing to put himself out there to do that, in spite of having to climb that same old hill, laden with people who want to look for every fault they can find or create, he will have me behind him.

Mike McCormick – La Pine

As seen in the Bend Bulletin on 4/30/18

Tony DeBone’s commitment to economic diversity for Deschutes County has resulted in job growth and steady employment conditions these past few years. He knows that success depends on diversifying our economy, so we avoid the boom-and-bust cycles of construction and tourism.

To achieve these goals, Tony has been active in EDCO (Economic Development for Central Oregon) where he has worked with various groups across the political and economic spectrum. Again, consensus has been his strength, and Deschutes County is enjoying a very good economy as a result of his efforts. I have worked with Tony and seen firsthand his hard work and dedication to bringing family-wage jobs and long-term economic health to Central Oregon.

I sincerely urge you to vote YES to re-elect Tony DeBone as Deschutes County Commissioner, Position No. 1.

Troy Reinhart – Bend, Oregon

As seen in the Bend Bulletin on 4/30/18

We are proud to support Tony DeBone for another term as Deschutes County commissioner, and to encourage you to do the same. We have known Tony and his family for close to 14 years, personally and through business.

One of the biggest advantages Tony has is his relatability. He understands the needs we all face because he faces the same issues. Tony is a community member, a property owner, a volunteer, a parent, a small business owner and a farmer. If you fall into one of these categories, you and Tony have things in common and you know he’s working for your best interests.

Tony is an approachable guy. He’s readily available by phone or to meet with any of us, and he is so easy to talk to. We saw him work to resolve an issue we brought to his attention a few years ago. It had been causing difficulties that were felt throughout the area. We’ve got a good thing going with Tony serving as commissioner. He’s done a great job and deserves another term.

Perry and Irene Walters – La Pine

As seen in the Bend Bulletin on 4/26/18

As chairperson for a south county nonprofit agency, I occasionally have the opportunity to interact with the Deschutes County commissioners. Tony DeBone, Tammy Baney and Phil Henderson are doing a good job leading Deschutes County through rapidly changing times. DeBone and Baney are running for election this year with Henderson just into his second year.

All three commissioners have talents we wish most politicians embraced, being approachable, listening to their constituents, gathering and reviewing information and not tap dancing the “politically correct” answer. The candidates running against Tony and Tammy may be good people and they might make good commissioners. If you asked the commissioners and past commissioners, Alan Unger and Dennis Luke, when they felt comfortable in the role as county commissioner, I think their answer would be in their second to third year. Deschutes County is one of the fastest-growing counties in the nation, and the task of integrating new residents and businesses plus managing an efficient government agency falls directly on the county commissioners.

The question each voter might ask themselves, do we break up a proven team by electing possibly qualified candidates without “playing experience” or do we keep the veterans in the lineup who have consistently delivered wins?

My grandfather’s answer, and my answer, “if it ain’t broke, it don’t need fix’n’.” I urge Deschutes County voters to keep the team together by voting for DeBone and Baney.

Monte Dammarell – Sunriver

As seen in the Bend Bulletin on 4/25/18

When I was in high school, I was lucky enough to participate in the La Pine Park and Recreation District’s robotics class, encouraged by then-La Pine Park and Rec board member, Tony DeBone.

Through the years, I’ve continued to appreciate Tony’s commitment to education for Central Oregon youth so that they may stay here after they graduate and pursue family-wage careers while enjoying our wonderful lifestyle/environment. He is working hard to provide affordable housing alternatives so that families can afford to live and work here. The recent ground-breaking ceremony in La Pine is a good example of Tony’s involvement in low-cost housing projects.

Tony is an honest family man who cares deeply for our rural heritage and strives to ensure its economic growth while protecting its ecological importance. As a rural resident of Deschutes County, I urge you to vote YES for Tony DeBone, Deschutes County Commissioner, Position No. 1.

Joshua Henry – La Pine

As seen in the Bend Bulletin on 4/23/18

Since first elected in 2010, Commissioner Tony DeBone has been a strong supporter of sustainable agricultural practices and programs. I met Tony at that time while employed by the Deschutes Soil & Water Conservation District, Tony made an effort to attend our workshops, educational programs and board meetings to further his understanding (and offer support)? of the issues and our commitment to providing landowners resource management based assistance.

As the current chair of the Noxious Weed Advisory Board, I’ve seen Commissioner DeBone “walk the walk” with his commitment to controlling the invasive weeds and educational practices. I admire Tony for his commitment to make time to meet with landowners, and implement follow through on important development and conservation issues that effect all residents in Deschutes County.

Tony DeBone continues to emphasize sustainable agricultural land use for Central Oregon. His policies benefit local farmers and others who are passionate about preserving our rural environment and providing economic stability for land use.

As a small farmer, business owner, educator and volunteer here in Deschutes County, I recommend Tony DeBone for re-election as Deschutes County Commissioner, Position #1.

Spring Alaska Olson
Principal Ecologist/Central Oregon Seed Exchange
Bend, Oregon

As seen in the Bend Bulletin on 4/23/18

Two of Deschutes County’s three commissioners are running for re-election this year, and both face opposition in the May Republican primary election. Tony DeBone, of La Pine, holds the Position 1 seat, while Tammy Baney, of Bend, is the Position 3 seatholder. They’re opposed by Ed Barbeau and Patti Adair, respectively.

The two incumbents, DeBone and Baney, are the better choices to serve the county.

Barbeau, 60, who seeks DeBone’s seat, owns a pizza shop in Tumalo. He ran unsuccessfully for the commission against Baney in the 2010 Republican primary and was an unsuccessful candidate for Bend City Council two years later. He believes county systems development charges are too high, though the county itself levies only a single SDC of a bit over $3,000.

Adair, 66, hopes to oust Baney next month. She lives between Sisters and Redmond and has been a vocal opponent of allowing legal marijuana businesses in the county. She says the marijuana advisory committee created to help county commissioners was stacked against marijuana opponents and wonders if the county’s self-insurance for health care costs too much.

DeBone, 51, and his wife own a small business in La Pine. He holds a bachelor’s degree in electronic technology and robotics and chaired the La Pine Parks and Recreation board. He believes, as does Baney, that the county is a responsible steward of the taxes it receives, pointing out that it currently employs about the same number of people it did 10 years ago. That’s unlikely to change in the next five years, he says, because the county’s bill to the state Public Employees Retirement System will take an ever larger portion of its budget.

Baney, 46, grew up in Bend and attended Central Oregon Community College. She’s been an active community volunteer and brings boundless energy to her commission duties. She’s proud of the county’s spending record, pointing out that it doesn’t start new programs until commissioners are sure its finances will sustain them over time.

She and DeBone agree on the need for more enforcement of marijuana laws in the county. And they are both working hard to correct the frustrating problems with the county’s new digital radio system.

Neither Barbeau nor Adair makes a good enough argument that DeBone or Baney should be replaced. DeBone and Baney have brought to the commission moderate views, plus a willingness to do their homework and to listen to their constituents. They’ve served county residents well and should be allowed to continue to do so.


As seen in the Bend Bulletin on 4/15/18

As a Central Oregon resident and real estate agent for over 21 years, I’ve seen many changes in Deschutes County. Commissioner Tony DeBone is meeting those challenges with passion, vision and hard work.

I first met Tony years ago at a function at Eagle Crest. I found him to be a great listener (even when he disagreed with me!). He’s also kind and works toward consensus in a common-sense fashion. His concern for Deschutes County’s future economic and environmental success is much appreciated.

Tony currently serves as chairman of the board of county commissioners and has been diligent in meeting the needs of the county and its constituents. He is open to all ideas and bases his decision on what is best for the majority. As a former small business owner, Tony knows the value of a dollar and strives to get the most from available resources.

Please vote YES to re-elect Tony DeBone as Deschutes County Commissioner, Position #1

— Bea Leach Hatler

As seen in the Bend Bulletin on 4/14/18

I would like to recommend the re-election of Tony DeBone as Deschutes County commissioner. I so appreciate Tony’s support of local education. He has always been an active supporter of our youth and taken a hands-on approach teaching in various clubs, speaking in business classes, giving of his personal resources to help our Central Oregon students thrive.

–Steve Parnell, Bend

4/6/18 – Thank you Tony for following up and contacting the VA on my behalf. I was able to find out the information I needed in relation to a pension. It is good to know there is someone local to go to bat for us and cut through some of the red tape to get things done. Again, many thanks! 

–Pat Fenn

4/4/18 – “Tony is a great asset to the people and businesses of Deschutes County.  We’ve known him for many years even before running for public office.  Tony has never wavered in his commitment to make our community the best it can be in all areas.

We’ve seen Tony in action first hand, when an issue was brought to his attention.  His involvement and leadership resulted in a significant change for the better.  Tony knows how to follow-up and get things done.

Most importantly, Tony is a man of integrity.  He makes his decisions based on the better good for us all, rather than what is good for a political campaign.  We have 100% trust in Tony as our County Commissioner, member of the community, a small business owner and as a friend.”

— Perry Walters Construction, Inc.

4/2/18 –  As a person who works with elected officials all over Oregon, I have huge opportunity to observe not only the work and presence of these citizen leaders, I also carefully observe their character. I have watched Tony’s work ever since he started as a volunteer leader in La Pine and through his time as  County Commissioner. I also had Tony in an intense leadership development seminar last year. He is a participant, a player, and a leader of the highest character and caliber. I encourage your continued support of him.

— John N. Morgan, Executive Director, The Chinook Institute for Civic Leadership

As seen in the Bend Bulletin on 4/3/18

Tony DeBone has proven to be a man of his word and a dedicated County Commissioner who bases his decisions on everyone’s needs, not just those of a particular group. This is true especially in the area of land use where competing interests call for measured judgement and fairness to all. As a rural resident, Tony understands the delicate balance needed for land use decisions.

As treasurer of the La Pine Community Kitchen, I can also attest to Tony’s support of local non-profit, charitable organizations. With his business background, he continues to focus on a diverse economy for Deschutes County. He is a fiscal hawk and has succeeded in reducing property taxes in Deschutes County.

Tony has represented ALL of Deschutes County with honesty and a vision that protects our rural environment while building for the future. I recommend Tony DeBone for re- election as Deschutes County Commissioner, Position #1.

— Clyde Evans

3/20/18As in past elections we have supported Tony DeBone 100%. He is honest, caring and loves the area. He actually listens to all sides of a concern! Thank you for your service, we are grateful you are willing to run again.

— Jim and Gloria Fleming


Cherie Appleby

Scott and Sue Asla

Jeff Baisch

Tammy Baney

Jim and Jeanette Beeger

Jim Boeddeker

Larry and Connie Briese

Barbara Burke

William and Lara Chan

Ed and Bev Claypool

Pam Clevenger

Laura Columbo

Steve Curley

Kathryn DeBone

Mike DeBone

Frank and Shirley DeLuca

Cindy Eastman

Clyde Evans

Les and Dorlene Fillis

James and Gloria Fleming

Doby Fugate

Donald Greiner

Audrey Gulden

C and Jon Harris

Bea and Don Hatler

Mac Hay

Don and Michelle Hazeltine

Joshua Henry

Bud and Mary Hill

Charles Devin Hill

Cheryl Howard

Bob and Judy Keller

David Klym

LorriAnn and Rob Landles

Teresa Lefor

Kathy Creel Leppert

Steve and Brenda Lichtenberger

Mike Lovely

Norm McClung

Robert Metcalf

Ken and Vicki Mulenex

Florence Neis

Chris O’Connell

Mark and Leslie O’Connell

Spring Alaska Olson

Richie and Barbara Jo Pappas

Steve and Sandy Parnell

Bob Perry

Roger Powell

Shawn and Michael Poe

Sharon Preston

Dave and Linda Reid

Troy Reinhart

Wayne Reynolds

Rich Rudnick

Vic and Vicki Russell

Pat and Marcia Sanchez

Peggy Speiger

Shane and Patti Starkey

Gary Tash

Taryn and Dustin Tennant

Trenton Tennant

Deborah Tilden

Perry and Irene Walters

Kent Wieber

Lou and Carol Zettel