I provide a common-sense, experienced and respectful approach to working on issues for you. I’ll continue championing traditional values ensuring your freedom, opportunity and prosperity.


Affordable Housing: I pledge to preserve our high quality of life for generations to come, to advocate for land use that allows starter homes and middle income housing, while maintaining our rural Central Oregon lifestyle. I pledge to oppose new fees that unnecessarily raise the cost of home building and to make sure our building and planning departments are responsive to customers. Read more …

Homelessness: I believe we can balance compassion helping those in need with more aggressive policing and social programs. Trash, crime, violence and decay is unacceptable. I’m collaborating with community leaders on creative solutions that deliver positive outcomes.


Law Enforcement: I support our Sheriff’s office and the ability to enforce the law.

Resource Management: We must be proactive about forest management to prevent wildfires and protect forests, watersheds, wildlife and homeowners in harm’s way. Good management is better than investing hundreds of millions in fighting fires after it’s too late.

Our summers have become dangerously smoky, as federally owned forests near and far burn with increasing frequency and intensity. I use my platform on the county commission to push our federal representatives to end the malpractice being committed by the U.S. Forest Service. I’ve also lent strong support to Project Wildfire, a nonprofit that works to reduce the risk of wildfire in Central Oregon.


I believe government must live within its means. I support balanced budgets and transparency. I cut property tax rates in 2017 which keeps money in your pocket where it belongs.

I model mutual respect while working toward solutions. Together we can continue to make Deschutes County a great place to live!

I’d be honored to earn your vote.

ENDORSEMENTS: Oregon Right to Life, TimberUnity PAC, Congressman Bentz

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